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What Is Laser Skin Tightening?

When our complexion starts to lose firmness over time, we end up with sagging and wrinkles that cause us to appear aged. This occurs due to the natural slowdown in the generation of collagen. At Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics & Wellness & Wellness, we offer laser skin tightening to enhance and firm needed regions of the body and face. Our state-of-the-art laser technology encourages collagen production and helps improve the skin structure to give you the rejuvenated look you desire. Sarah Leslie, PA-C is extensively experienced in providing this procedure to reduce the look of wrinkled skin, sagging, stretch marks, a double chin, bat wings, and other issues. If you want to hear additional details regarding the advantages of laser skin tightening, schedule a consultation to our Concord, NH office.


Benefits of Laser Skin Tightening

At Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics & Wellness & Wellness, laser skin tightening can offer several advantages to invigorate the look of your skin, such as:

  • Rejuvenating your overall complexion
  • Supporting collagen generation
  • Bypassing any need for a surgical procedure
  • Reducing wrinkles and sagging
  • Achieving lasting outcomes
  • Firming loose skin

Tighten and Transform

If you want to treat sagging and wrinkles on your face or body, request a consultation at Sarah to hear more regarding laser skin tightening. An effective nonsurgical procedure, laser skin tightening at our Concord, NH practice could help you boost the health and look of your complexion when you see the initial evidence of lines, creases, and drooping skin. Get in touch with the staff at Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics & Wellness & Wellness to discuss treatment.

Sarah is without a doubt who you want to go to for your medical aesthetic needs! You won't find a provider who is more well versed in the subject matter and takes time and care providing the treatment you need. Sarah provides a welcoming, comforting experience from the moment you walk through the door. I can't wait to try different treatments. She really will help you to look your absolute best!

M.S. Google

I received a treatment for my stretch marks. It requires more then one treatment, I noticed a difference after one! I also got injections by Sarah and they are the best I have had yet. My face felt so natural. Her professionalism and knowledge made me feel as ease. Forever client!

J.S. Google

Professional, clean environment and facility. Sarah offers a variety of aesthetic services. She answered all my questions regarding the procedure itself and provided excellent care during the process which made for a positive experience where I felt confident in the care I received. Easy scheduling, prompt communication and prices very reasonable as well. Highly recommended!

M.D. Google

EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! Sarah takes the time to talk to you about your concerns, skin habits and formulates a plan that works best for you! I've had a sun spot on my face for years, have tried other treatments and Sarah's treatment was finally able to treat the spot and it has not come back. The location is ideal and has a "chill" vibe!! I will definitely be a repeat customer for my skin care needs!!

K.L. Google


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Am I a Candidate for Laser Skin Tightening?

If you want to reduce moderate or mild sagging and wrinkles while avoiding surgery or a prolonged downtime period, you could be a good candidate for laser skin tightening at Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics & Wellness. Typically, the ideal candidates for laser skin tightening will be healthy and are between 30 – 60. When you're here for an appointment at our Concord, NH location, Sarah will perform a comprehensive assessment of your skin to decide if laser skin tightening could be a good fit for your unique goals.

How Does Laser Skin Tightening Work?

Your laser skin tightening appointment at Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics & Wellness begins with a thorough scrub of the treatment areas. We will then administer a topical anesthetic balm to help you feel at ease during the laser treatment. After cleansing your skin, your provider will employ the laser, which projects light into your skin to promote your own collagen generation process. Your procedure could require about 30 – 90 minutes, based on the scope and scale of the treatment region.

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What Should I Expect After Laser Skin Tightening?

At the end of your laser skin tightening session, your skin may be rosy and tender, similar to a sunburn. The professionals at Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics & Wellness will review post-treatment directions to help your skin to recover more easily. You should expect your skin to shed over the following few days or weeks, which is ordinary and not a cause for worry. Make certain to shield your skin by employing moisturizing lotion and avoiding sun exposure throughout this phase. As the skin heals and collagen generation occurs, you should start to see a healthier, enhanced complexion over the next couple of months.

Laser Skin Tightening FAQ

How much does laser skin tightening cost?

The overall price of your laser skin tightening therapy will depend on the scale of the treatment region, the number of spots you wish to treat, and your specific goals. During your consultation at Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, we will discuss the details regarding the cost of laser skin tightening according to your goals and your custom treatment plan.

Does laser skin tightening hurt?

A number of people say that laser skin tightening generates a slightly hot feeling on their skin, but usually, the therapy won't involve pain. Our professionals could administer a topical numbing cream to allow you to remain you comfortable and help ensure that your laser skin tightening session is a pleasant experience.

How long do laser skin tightening results last?

Following a laser skin tightening procedure at our Concord, NH office, the majority of patients observe a pronounced improvement in their overall complexion appearance and health. As the cell regeneration process occurs over the subsequent few weeks, you will likely see ongoing tightening, which is generally kept up for about 12 to 18 months. Sarah will speak with you about how frequently you may want to book follow-up sessions to maintain your results.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.